Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCI 2006 Air in fuel line

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I have a ford fusion 1.4 TDCI 2006, the issue i have is i can drive for a while then i get air in the fuel line, I have replaced the fuel assembly line that come with the built in fuel temp switch and primer pump, fitted new fuel filter, replaced the injector return pipes assembly with the t-pieces and seals and the copper washers on the inlet and outlet pipes on injector pump but still getting air in the return line to fuel tank, not sure if the air is in any other part of the fuel line as its not visible. My question is it's been suggested i fit a non return valve in the fuel line assemble but not sure what part of the fuel line it should be put, has anyone done this before and know the correct place, should i fit more than one i'e in the return pipe and one in the pipe from fuel filter which is a different size bore.

The reason why they have suggested fitting a non return valve is because the air maybe getting in via the injector pump.

I have attached a photo of the fuel line fitted


fuel pipe.jpg

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Forgot to ask, should it have Air in the return pipe to tank once engine is turned off?

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