Fitting drivers assist features

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Anybody fitted the radar etc 

i seen a guide by someone once and I can’t find it again. 

And can anyone clear up the BLiS system

is it 4 parking sensors on rear and 2 different extra on the sides. I can’t find any sensors when searching for them relating to blis, going to check my doors for the wiring and I’ve sourced the 2 power fold mirrors with blis and puddle lights.

and how many sensors is on the front bumper is it 6 parking sensors only or is there some sort of radar/camera in the bumper also.

And as for the radar does anyone have information on the wiring side I have a schematic but it’s not clear.

i have a complete floor harness with the wiring for front sensors so looking at stripping the missing cables from mine and running them in my car. 


Let me know your thoughts 

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I have found the post I was talking about. For anyone looking to do this. 

You just need the parts and a bit of wiring to go to the BCM run down the passenger side pillar 

although another person managed to use their existing windscreen. On the post I’ve found they just replaced with one that had it. 

Will post part numbers if anyone interested. Unfortunately the only drawings I can find relating to install are in Russian. So if anyone has any diagrams etc relating to the set up can you please post them. 

Much appreciated. 

Still not found a part number for the front fog harness with sensors on though for park assist 

land rear with blis sensors. 

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