Is dealer being honest about limp mode?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to work out if the dealer is trying to get out of supplying a refund or if his diagnosis is genuine.

We bought a 2014 Automatic CMax in May last year and had to take it back to the dealer after the car showed the message 'transmission malfunction, service now' and seemed to be jumping between gears. When shifting to manual gear shift in 'Sport' mode, the vehicle wouldn't allow selection of 4th gear. However, after stopping for petrol, the message disappeared and the car drove normally again. It fully broke down further a few weeks after and was behaving as if in neutral and would not move when in Drive or Reverse when the accelerator was applied. Since it was within 6 months, the dealer agreed to fix it. 

7 months later, the car again showed the behaviour of revving without engaging the gears. The message shown was "Transmission limited function. See manual". However, after turning off and on again, the car drove normally and no errors were shown on system check. The dealer again took the car back and did a more comprehensive fix.

Last week, 15 months after purchase, it again showed the exact same symptoms as the first incident, with the message 'transmission malfunction, service now' and seemed to be jumping between gears, and skipping 3rd gear when in 'Sport' mode. I contacted the dealer to say we've decided to pursue a refund after his failed repair (under CRA 2015). He asked for codes from the reader, saying it could be a different issue. I supplied them using a code reader borrowed from a friend (see bottom of post). The dealer has said "the fault code P0001 relating to the Fuel Regulator has a symptom of illuminating the Transmission Fault Lamp and also Limp mode which is what you’re experiencing.". 

However, I feel like limp mode wouldn't explain the transmission message shown, and also it seems that limp mode would skip 3rd gear but allow 1st,2nd,3rd. Does it sound like the dealer is just trying to get out of supplying a refund? It feels very much like this is the same issue.

Thanks in advance!


For reference, errors codes noted by tow truck driver on first breakdown were:

o P2849/$07E9 Shift Fork 'A' Stuck

o P284A/$07E9 Shift Fork 'B' Stuck

o P284C/$07E9 Shift Fork 'D' Stuck

o P0700/$07E8 Transmission Control System (ML Request)

o U0415/$07E8 Invalid Data Received From Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Control Module

Errors on most recent breakdown/issue


Continuous memory DTCs 

* P0700 Transmission Control System Malfunction

Confirmed Trouble Codes

* P0001 The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) monitors the Fuel Volume Regulator

* P0107 The Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor provides instantaneous manifold..

* P06B1 The Engine Control Module (ECM) monitors the power supplied to sensors…


* U0401 Invalid Data Received from ECM/PCM

* U3003 battery Voltage

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