2009 tdci no power steering after alternator failed - help please

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Yesterday after driving a couple of miles to the local shops and parking up all fine with no problems when retuning to the car there was zero power and I had to unlock with the physical key. I called out the RAC and they turned up and quickly said the alternator had failed. They disconnected the alternator and charged my battery while I rang a couple of garages and then followed me while I drove the car to one. The car started fine but no power steering, the RAC guy said it was because the battery charge was really low.


The garage have replaced the alternator and charged the battery but the power steering is still not working and they said they don't know why - before I let them charge to investigate is this a common fault as it was working perfectly fine before the alternator failed.


Any advice greatly appreciated.


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do all the different size diesels engines have the electric power steering pump under the drivers side headlamp.  That's how it is on my brothers 2009 1.8tdci mk2.5, he had a virtually flat battery due to alternator problem and the power steering stopped working as the electrical power was so low. But it was fine after he charged battery and replaced alternator.  is power steering warning light on?    If it is that type of power steering system I would check the plug connectors on the pump. I seem to recall it was very easy to remove headlamp to get to the top of it. 

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Yep, all the diesels have the semi-electric PAS pump under the OS light.

Common to drop PAS with low battery but should work fine again after charging.  Might just need to leave it running for a bit or take it round the block.

I'm sure it's fused as well, will be a large engine bay fuse if so, might be worth checking that in case it popped when the battery when the battery was reconnected.


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