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2011 ford focus mk3 parking sensor module

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Hi All,

i have stuck with the following problems on my ford focus 2011 mk3 hope i can get some answers.

my car did n't came with factory fitted parking sensor module.

so i have planned to put one on the rear bumper only.

does my car allow the pdc parking sensor module(green back ground picture) from other focus car which i got from after market.


my second question 

i got this module shown in below picture and i have 4 sensors with the following wire(shown in below picture2) .

by using these two items shown in pictures how can i make them work, if i am missing other parts what are they and what are the part names and numbers and where can i get them.

do you i need to program the ecu?

can i fit them on my car which actually manufactured with out parking sensors? 

your help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance to all


Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 23.42.48.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 00.02.38.png

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Everything you need to know just a few threads away.

In short, check you have at least one yellow plug in the boot, right hand side, behind the wheel arch carpet. You have to pull it away to see. 

1 yellow plug = rear only

2 yellow, one black = front and rear

No plug = no chance. You could probably wire them in ok with an auxiliary speaker, but it is very unlikely you would get the on screen feedback to work.

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