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Damaged Alloy!


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Hi all,

Recently got a flat tyre, when i took the wheel off there was obvious damage (i.e. dints). Ive took the wheel to a couple of alloy wheel repair specialists and theyve said theres nothing they can do as the wheels buckled. As you can imagine, i aint best pleased!


1) How much should i expect to pay for a new 17" mk7 zetec-s alloy?

2) How much for a new tyre?

3) Is there anything i can do with the knackered one to get a bit of money to put towards?

Thanks in advance guys,

Its booked in for a service this week, im dreading them looking at the other wheels and more damage being found!

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RRP on the 17" alloy is £171.66, I could do you one for £147.62 + £10 delivery , tyre would be looking at £50 ish would need size to confirm. Just give me a bell on 0191 4200168 if you would like anymore info etc

Thanks for the reply mate, would the £50 tyre be the same that are on the car at the moment? Ive got Bridgestones on i think? (all same as it came from the factory if that helps)

Also the alloy im wanting is the 17" one that comes with streetpack, £147 seems very cheap, i was expecting £200+ at least!

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