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ST Recaro retrofit into 2014 SportVan issue

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Hi there, 

I have bought a set of ST180 recaros (2016) that i was under the (mis) understanding would be plug and play in a MK7.5 fiesta sport van (mid 2014) 

However i drove down the road and started to get a very hot back so realised the wiring was not the same.

Quickly unplugging the connector I now see that the van existing Zetec S seats only have 2 plugs in their seat side loom connected, Purple going to the seat belt buckle and Orange that appears to go up to the side airbag. 

The recaro seat side loom however has a purple connector in the same place, but then blue brown black and yellow plugs also, does anyone know which one would replace the orange one in the old seats, and or what the other plugs pertain to? Going back to MK3 mondeo ST220 days fords colour scheme goes as follows - 

Purple - Seat Belt Latch 

Blue - Seat Heater

Orange - Pretensioner 

Yellow - Airbag 

Black - Electric Motor 

Brown - Unknown (does this replace the old grey for earth?) 

However as the existing seats have a sewn in tag saying "airbag" i think this may no longer be the wiring plug colours ford use for this. 

I have found a thread on where someone connected the yellow seat plug to the orange plug location car side and it worked in terms of not firing airbags etc. however i am keen to not do it wrong and blow the side out of my seat! 


Any ideas? 



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Did you also install the heated seat buttons? otherwise I bet it's always on.

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Fitted some Focus RS Recaros to mine, purple is the seat belt tensioner and the yellow/orange is airbag 

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