Noise from behind the dash!

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Hello, I had this strange noise coming from (it seemed ) behind the centre of the dash on 2018 Fiesta Titanium, car has done just under 9000 miles, was originally a dealer demo car and then I purchased about a year and exported it to France.

The noise started just a second or 2 when I started the car, firstly not every time, then went to everytime and then when I was driving intermittently for 30 seconds or so. It now has stopped, in the meantime I have booked it into the ford dealer near where I live as I would like it investigated before the warranty runs out. 

If anyone else had this problem or knows what it maybe , it would be extremely helpful, especially as I have to explain it in French !! The best that I can explain the noise is that it is a loud brrrrr...

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like it’s more than likely to be your heater blend actuator, it is not too difficult to fit yourself just a little awkward due to its location, definitely worth taking it back to dealer before warranty runs out. This is a very common problem with fiestas fitted with auto climate control, the cogs on the actuator fails or loses its position causing teeth to wear prematurely, I have this issue on mine and will be replacing the part today, so if I can, I will take photos of what’s involved and update this post later.

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