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Hardwire Dashcam 2005 Focus Estate - Fuse Tap or Breakout Fuse

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Hi, I would be so very grateful for your help and advice.

I am looking to hardwire a Toguard dashcam to my 2005 Focus Estate and have an ORSKEY hardwire kit. I've connected it all up except for the fuse box where the supplied 'mini' fuse taps won't fit into my fuse box. It looks like the flat rather than tapered blades won't quite line up with the slots.

I'm therefore either contemplating getting another fuse tap or a breakout fuse. Can anyone please advise on a compatible product?

Also, the fuse taps I have connect rather than crimp so will standard fuse taps still fit? With these being double-fused, are these independently isolated and does it matter if the lower slot (existing) fuse is higher rated than the top (dashcam) fuse?

Another alternative I've come across is to use either a breakout fuse or a brass fuse adapter. These simply result in a positive feed from the existing fuse. My question is, as two components are effectively running on one single fuse could this result in an overload - or even under protection?

For example, my dashcam is rated at 10 amps. If I use an exiting 10 amp component (e.g. interior lights) could that result in a maximum of 20 amps going through my 10 amp fuse so effectively blowing it? Also, if I use an existing 20 amp fuse (e.g. cigarette lighter) could that not only result in a potential maximum of 30 amps through the 20 amp fuse but if there was a circuit issue with my dashcam could this result in my dashcam blowing as the fuse protecting it is 20 amps rather than 10 amps?

I'm sorry for all the questions, and if there is more to this than simply adding amps together to get the maximum load, where I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Paul 🙂 

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Hopefully this diagram will help to answer your questions. You can see that it's very important when using this style of tap to get it the right way round in the fuseboard otherwise your cam supply will go through both fuses as shown in the 'wrong' diagram. If you use a breakout fuse the same will apply and you'll need to use an additional inline fuse for the cam.



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Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for your highly informative post and the diagrams. Especially in relation to the polarity.

So much so, following on from your kind information here and the replies on the dashcam forum I've ordered a couple more fuse taps and hope they'll fit my fuse box. If not, I'll then try a breakout adapter with an inline fuse. 

I really do appreciate all your super help and advice.

Paul 🙂

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You need the correct style fuse (mini, micro, full size etc.). The mk2 focus use the mini style fuses. I know for a fact you can get a piggyback fuse holder to fit, I've done it on my car. There should be no need for inline fuses etc.

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