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Fiesta mild hybrid

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Hi All

 Any mild hybrid owners out there that have got a few minutes to give me their opinion on their hybrid.

Am seriously thinking of ordering the Vignale model next week so would like your opinions.


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Hi, we got a new ST Line 155ps 5 door last October. First brand new car I've ever got so there was a little bit of a novelty factor, until my better half marked an alloy. All in all a good wee car I'd say. Plus points is the go! Amazing amount of go seeing as how small the engine is, and with only getting a service every two years it's even more amazing. Probably going on that alone we'll be exchanging it for another one as soon as the warranty is about to run out. Handling is as with all other Fiesta's very good. Brakes are very capable. Probably is a rather difficult thing to drive smoothly when cold though, once warmed up it's ok and also using a slightly higher gear than normal helps to keep down on the jerkyness. Sitting in it makes me feel like I'm sitting rather high up, we had a Focus ST Line before this so was more used to a lower seating position in relation to the rest of the car, but I suppose it is designed for mostly town/city driving so that's understandable. I've got an issue with the pop up info messages that come on the dash and main screen, it's all a bit unnecessary as far as I'm concerned but I'm trying to live with it! The seats for what is supposed to be a "mild" sporty hatchback are rather short on support. I feel they should have more lumbar support. Door mirrors are tiny, well at least compared to the ones that was on our previous Focus but that was a bigger car so again I need to get used to them. The only other issue is with the paint. We went for a blue metallic from the options list so that we would have something different. When I finally opened the bonnet after we took delivery to suss where the screenwash bottle is, oil and coolant is too I noticed that the blue metallic had been dusted over the inner wings. I would expect the whole Shell to be painted and not just the bare minimum, if they want to save on money then mask off the inner wings. I know this would be impractical on a main production run so why not make a decent job and paint the whole thing? These are the only real issues I have with the wee thing, it is a good car in my opinion. I'm already planning to see if the better half will let me go for an ST for when it comes to replacing this one!  

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The Mrs has had her my.2021 Fiesta St Line X since beginning of December. Did a little review of a few bits on another thread on this site, should be available via search or my profile.....

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Thanks Martin I found your previous thread and read it with interest. I have already contacted the dealer and agreed buying the Vignale model and trading in my present Mk8 Titanium against it. Sorting the paper work out on Friday.

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Have only done 135 miles in my 2020 ST Line X 155 MHEV. So far, love it. Previously had a Scirocco R Line 2.0 TDi 150.

Fiesta feels very different to drive, in Normal mode I "almost" don't notice the regen braking effect, in Sport it's VERY noticeable, not awful but takes a little getting used to. I tend to leave it in Normal mode though. For a 1litre engine it's surprisingly pokey and has no problem accelerating in every gear.

It's much quieter engine wise than my Scirocco, at times I barely know the engine is running. Stop start is more fluid and seamless to my Scirocco. MPG isn't too good for me so far, since I got it, it's averaged 33.6mpg which is a mix of town and dual carriageway but I am yet to take it on a good run.

For me it doesn't feel much different than any other car, unless I have it Sport then you definitely notice the regen. Things I'd improve or that I preferred on my Scirocco are the seats mostly. I feel more perched ON them rather than sitting IN them so if I take a corner sharply I find there's more chance or me having to brace myself, maybe more lumbar support would help. Haven't noticed an issue with the mirrors in terms of their size.

I do wish the steering had more weight or was speed sensitive, at 50mph+ it tends to shimmy and follow lines or wind and I find the steering a little light but maybe in time I'll adapt to it.

Overall I love it.


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