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Those Dinks In Your Cars You Pick Up In Car Parks

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Well a familiar story, you come back to the car and there it is! Some clumsy sod has slammed their car door edge into your door or other car panel.

I got this one from a big black Range Rover



Anyway I took it around to the local body shop and shock horror. He said, ummmm that's near to the door, so he would have to spray into that panel to blend the paint in ! Anyway short story is I came away with a quote for £343.

So I thought sod that, and I Googled dent repairers, and I see there is a Dent Devil franchisee in our area. And on reading the website if the paint surface has not been broken it's just a case of having the panel returned to it's original position. Though I could see the black paint left by the other car, and what appeared to be some scratching in the heart of the dent, I was not sure if it was down to bare metal.

Now I think it was around a year ago or possibly longer I was in Aldi and came across one of their keenly priced scratch repair kits. Containing cloth, couple of fine wet and dry strips, a tapered foam rubbing tool for the aforementioned. And a couple of tubes, one being a kind of cutting compound cream, and the other a polishing compound cream. Anyway I got to work on the damage and low and behold the paint surface is intact as can be seen in the following photo. So I'm just awaiting a ring back from the local Dent Devil guy, be interesting to see what he quotes for the job.

Anybody used these type of companies for small dent repairs?


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I have used the DD guys a while back for something similar (although by the look of the pictures not quite as bad) he made a really good job using some strange tools to get behind the panel and push the metal back out – gotta be worth a call at least :)

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People these days don't give a ()the world is full off of () . But if you done it to there car there would be hell. people these days are either thick has pig () or just plane dumb i hope it don't break the bank to get car back to normal let us know how you get on.

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Could you have swore anymore in that post ? Naughty Naught ;)

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Right update so far,

have been to another body shop, and for the traditional body shop repair meaning. It will require damaging the paint to repair hence respraying to blend the new paint with the existing paint, ballpark £350 is the going rate when vat is applied.

The dent removal guys route can only be achieved if they can get their "tool" behind the panel the dent is on. Now in this particular case it cannot be got at, neither from within the wheel arch [with sound deadening moulded pieces removed]. Or by removing the internal plastics and boot carpet type side wall liner between the bulkhead and the rear seat. I've inspected both areas to day.

So it looks like other than the traditional method I will have to try the hair dryer/ dry ice/ C02 method. It's looking like a long shot, as results are mixed by the look of the following video examples.

Remove Car Dents Quickly

Anyway I'm into a no cost attempt because I have a mate who has one of those water pipe freezing kits. And he may be in town tomorrow to visit the builders merchants. So I'll keep you posted regards the results.

And to be totally honest, though this is the kind of damaged you pick up in a car park. I picked mine up on my own driveway. You see it's a just wide enough and long enough [a town house]to accommodate two cars side by side. And as we are slap bang in the centre of town friends and family use it because the town parking charges in this tourist area are a rip off. We were off out to Leeds on the train to see the first showing of "Four Lions" a Jihad comedy, yes I know what your thinking, but it really was funny Video Trailers

And I knew my daughter was going to park on the drive in her Range Rover, so I tucked the Focus way out of harms way [i thought] but the wind must have caught the door as she was getting the grandchildren out of the back, one eighteen months and the other under three, so both wick no road sense little blighters, anyway that's what happened

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