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MK3 Focus (2012) Water Ingress Issue

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I NEED HELP!! Please :) 

I have a MK3 Focus 1.6 EcoBoost that is suffering from water ingress. It’s going to be a long post, please bear with. 

When I purchased it 6 months ago, before actually picking the vehicle up, the garage confirmed that it would be delayed because the Heater Matrix suffered a leak on the seals (common issue). This was fixed. 

Fast forward to last month, noticed a LOT of water in the car, turned out to be the other common issue of the bumper vents filling with water, getting into the spare wheel well then coming into the car that way. 

Last week I removed all excess water with a wet-vac, removed bumper and vents, sealed the vents and put all back together. Researched about the water coming in through the rear lights, used plumbers putty to sort that. 

Heavy rain and pressure washed since, no new water in the boot or rear footwell or front footwell over the last 7 days  

Driven today and noticed a small pool of water in drivers footwell. Any ideas? 

Heater Matrix DONE. Rear Vents DONE. Rear Lights DONE. Scuttle Drains from top view are clear of debris. I’ve also not had to top up the coolant since its repair. 


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