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Fob partially working. A little help please.

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Hey all. I have a 2014 Focus Titanium with 193k miles.  The other morning my remote start just decided not to work.  I was able to unlock the car when I grabbed the handle and start the car when I pushed the start button (both normal). It wasn't until I arrived at my destination and tried to lock the car with the fob that I noticed it didnt work. None of the 5 buttons on the smart fob worked. So, I replaced the fob battery, same problem.  I did notice that when im sitting in the car and push any button on the fob that my fuel and temp gauges jump a little bit. I even tried disconnecting and reconnecting cars battery for a while, no good.

Thanks for any help.

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Follow up.   Problem solved.

I happen to stumble across my other key fob that my wife lost.  When I used it to test/Troubleshoot my problem, it must have unlocked/reprogrammed the fob that didnt work.  Now both fobs are working fine.  The key (no pun intended), was finding the other fob.


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