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Speedo Cluster 2010 Fiesta Auto known Ford issue

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I have a Ford Fiesta 2010 Auto and it had a problem with the Speedo Cluster that was stopping it from  starting. I sent it away but was told it was corrupt and needed to be replaced, Now in fact is it was not corrupt but Cluster Repairs said they could not fix. I have since had somebody else look at it and am pleased to say he repaired it. So because of this I purchased a a secondhand unit from a Second User, an on Line store Ford Parts, Stoke on Trent (Nothing to do with Ford) Now the question is, does anybody know somebody who can reinput the data from my old Cluster, on the car using a genuine Ford tool, I think its called a a CAR ROG tool. to the second user Cluster. I am being told by Ford that it cant be done but realy I dont believe that.

Any help or advice on this appreciated, if necessary my only other option is to prurchase a new unit from Ford at quite a cost.

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The cluster can be reprogrammed by ford but the mileage   cannot be altered downward if the replacement cluster is higher mileage than original.

The gem module holds a copy of the cluster info/config and that info is used to program the cluster. Also the keys will need to be programmed into the pats on cluster to. Fords diag is ford IDs. 

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