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Poor start, fault codes p000a and P000b

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i’m new here so go easy. 

I have a 2012 Ford Mondeo 2:0 eco boost 240bhp. Love the car but it’s got a problem I can’t put my finger on. When you first start it in the morning it takes a few turns to fire. Once stared it’s fine all day. I have scanned it and got two codes p000a and p000b slow cam response and next to the code it says actuator stuck. I have replaced both cam sensors and the low pressure fuel sensor. Also I sometimes get inconsistent power delivery, like it’s just a bit flat sometimes. Thoughts? Thanks 

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  • CdSr changed the title to Poor start, fault codes p000a and P000b

Basics first. Check the engine oil level . When was last oil and filter change?  Strange both cams are slow to respond. Could be an oil supply issue. Check the wiring to both vvt solenoids. Other than that, there's not much you can do really . Next step is book it in to a garage who know there way round the vvt on a ford. Could get very expensive quickly.  

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Thanks, it’s due a service! Oil level is good. Was tempted to change the oil solenoid?? Thoughts? 

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