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I am getting a fiesta tintaniumx in april through Motorbility...I am trying to find out what the  inside boot measurements are...have looked all over the net..and its all in litres...just bought a luggie scooter and grandson is going to make a false floor for the scooter to lie on...Can anybody please help me

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3 hours ago, LINDYLOOSASHA said:

...I am trying to find out what the  inside boot measurements are...

Hi Linda,

Just had a quick look in mine. Width at boot floor level is about 980mm, length about 620mm and height from boot floor to underside of parcel shelf about 550mm. 

Length is less higher up due to the slight rearward slope of the rear seat of course.

As you're thinking of a false floor, the normal boot floor sits around 190mm below the lower lip of the boot aperture. 

Hope this helps.😀


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I sometimes put a powered wheelchair in mine and I have to remove the parcel shelf.

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Thank you both so much..I cant lift the luggie in when its all folded up as it weighs 60lbs..much too heavy for me..so it will be flat and hopefully lie down in boot..or i will have to put a seat down for it to lie against..x

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1 hour ago, Bobr said:

When it's folded down flat it might be easier to put it on the floor in front of the rear seats.


Yes, when needing extra carrying capacity we often put stuff in the rear footwells rather than mess about folding the rear seat.

I must admit, much though I love the Fiesta as a drivers car, it's not the biggest or most versatile luggage area compared to some other small cars. Needs must, and  If we needed to regularly carry bulky items like mobility aids etc, I might have to be persuaded to trade driving pleasure for the versatility of something like a Honda Jazz with its "magic" rear seats, for example.


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