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Sick Mondeo 2.0 tdci 2008 - Any help appreciated

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First time poster (on any site, I think), so pls forgive any errors on my part.

Recently bought from a friend a very high mileage (170k miles, one owner, mostly motorway) Mondeo SW 2008 2.0 TDCI.  Found it to be surprisingly good.  Shortly after oil (correct grade but supermarket brand) and fuel filter change the car intermittently lost significant power.  Ease off the gas and it would recover.  Could happen after 20m or 20kms - random.  NO engine warning light.  Ok, I thought, must be fuel filter.  No.  Live data showed a drop in fuel pressure on the fuel rail...Fault codes in the main were P0089 and P1335.  Based on that info I have so far changed to no long lasting effect - Fuel pressure sensor on fuel rail, Inlet Metering Valve on distribution pump, fuel regulator valve on  dist pump, EGR valve, twice.  erased fault codes and stored values.  Done a static DPF regeneration (which did not seem to do a lot other than sit there for 1200 seconds, with one occasional feeble rev).  Have done an injector leak off test and they all seemed equal and not excessive.  Loss of power is always associated with rattly sound from top part of engine as revs drop off.   Have also noticed lately that the problem causes diesel fumes / exhaust smoke to come out between engine and bulkhead - around turbo area or DPF??.  Too tight to see, but smoke is exhaust fumes, not white or blue.  So, before I finally throw the towel in on what has otherwise been a nice car, any suggestions?  Pipework for DPF? Not that I can actually see any.  Any help appreciated.

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Hey oliver, I'm wondering if the problem you are describing feels like the car is jerking when keeping the gas and rpm even while driving? almost like a bunny jumping around


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Hi, try asking on the Talkford.com forum,  they have a specific section for the mk4. I can only think maybe a split in a boost pipe that is opening up under boost pressure. 

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