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Hi all!  Hope you're all keeping well with the pandemic at our doorsteps!

I'm probably being blind again so if I am feel free to point that out! 😂

I can't seem to find a decent starting point for getting an OEM RVC (I don't want to go 3rd party on my mods) on my Mk 3.5 ST3 with Sync 3.4, I've already checked the back and found that Grey plug (If I remember the colour rightly) in the boot but I'm struggling to find part numbers (I've seen way too many at this point), I've also read that they need a module to control them for the "active" parking lines?  Unless that's only for the Sync 1 modules (Last I did this mod I had Sync 1 (1.5 I call it since I had the new layout, buttons and OS) and it was a fair bit different)

Anyone able to point me in the right direction? or if anyone has done it, are you willing to share your knowledge?  I did do a search through the forums but couldn't find anything concrete.


Looking to do my front sensors at some point too and maybe upgrade the back to 6 instead of 4, but thats another game entirely and the forum post on here for the How-To has had its photos taken down!  Nightmare!

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I've installed OEM reverse cam on my titanium focus 2015.

Here is some info that will hopefully help you:

First check the grey plug is there in the boot and then also check the part number on the voltage stabilization module in the drivers footwell. It needs to be BV6T-14B526-AC, I was lucky and had it installed already but I've found ST models seem to all have a module ending with BE. If you find it ending in BE then it needs changing for the part number ending in AC or camera install will not work and you will just get a blue screen.

Parts needed for install once the correct module is there/confirmed:

F1EB-19B514-BE (Camera, this is also used on mk8 Fiesta)

F1ET-14D466-AAE (Wiring Harness)

*Last letters can vary on both part numbers*


Before installing the new harness into the car, I connected the camera up to the new harness and the other end of it to the grey plug in the boot and then used Forscan with extended license to activate it.

'For APIM module (Sync 2) camera activation.

7D0-01-01 x*xx xxxx xxxx

set * to

3: With Camera No PDC (parking distance control)

9: No camera with PDC

B: With Camera with PDC' 

I then installed the wiring harness which involved removing plastic trim on boot lid and the existing tailgate handle/switch, some side trim and dropping the rear headliner down slightly. At this point I recommend taking some pictures of the old harness as it is installed to use as a guide if needed later.  After installation of the new parts I confirmed that the camera worked still and then made changes to the BCM for the dynamic lines.

'For Dynamic lines change this line in BCM 

Change line 726-01-06 from 1240 to 9240 this is in the first box. 

After activating this my camera stopped working correctly and I had U0264 'lost communication with camera module' dtc stored.

I did a master reset of sync 2 and after it finished displaying the maintenance screen everything worked correctly.

I also went into As-built data in engineer mode with Forscan and changed it to 'with camera option'. I just did this as I wanted it exactly as it would leave the factory with that option.

Hope this helps you getting a camera installed. 🙂



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Excellent write up.👍

I've just installed an after market camera on my Mk4 Focus and connected up to the Sync3 system. I found that selecting 'B' with ForScan turned the camera on but inverted the day and night mode of the Sync3 screen. Using the alternative 'A' setting fixed the problem. 

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