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Mounting ISOFIX on Ford Fiesta Year 2004


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Hi all,

I'm looking for mounting an ISOFIX kit to my Fiesta (year 2004). I believe it is model MK6 and before the facelift.
I need those, so I can attach a child car seat.
Everything I can find on the internet is about mounting the ISOFIX on Focus or Mondeo.
Does anyone know whether is it possible to mount the kit on a Fiesta? I've checked the backseat and I don't see the holes where the kit should be attached to (those are present in the Focus videos on youtube).
What I can only see are screws for the backseat and the seatbelts.

Any information will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I don't believe the 02-08 Fiestas have "isofix" fittings, and I also have a 2006 brochure, and there is no mention of "Isofix" in it at all.

If there is nothing in the owners manual, then it almost certainly does not.

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Thank you, Paulkp.
It is very strange, as even earlier models of Focus have those two holes where the isofix can be mounted, but they are missing in Fiesta.

Hope anyone that has bumped to my problem will prove us wrong 🙂

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