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Apologies if this has been asked before. I didn't see an FAQ on the Edge forum and had a (very) quick look through the posts and wasn't able to find my question.

We've got a 2019 Ford edge on finance which is about 9 months away from requiring the balloon payment to be 100% our car. The plan was always to pay off the final payment and buy the car outright as we love it and we see it as our family car for the next 10-15 years. However, yesterday we took it to Hendy Ford for a service and they showed us that the pads and discs both need changing. This is no big deal but they don't have the parts in stock and need to order them. Today they phone us and say they're unable to get the parts for another 7-10 days at least.

Is this due to brexit/covid disruptions or is this a thing for Edges now they are no longer sold in the UK? The guy at Hendy also said that Ford only have an obligation to supply parts for the car for the next 8 years. Are we going to find that every time something needs replacing we will have to wait a week and after 8 years what is going to happen? Will it become difficult, expensive or even impossible to maintain an Edge in the UK after 2027?

We really want to buy the car outright as there's very few other cars on the market which we like anywhere near as much (and the two main ones, VW Toureg and the Range Rover Velar are both substantially more expensive)

Thanks in advance

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If you buy discs and pads from an aftermarket manufacturer (such as Pagid, Brembo, Bosch etc.) you'll probably should there's some in stock. Obviously don't expect a main dealer to fit them lol.

I wouldn't let it bother you too much. Everywhere is facing shortages atm.

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I wouldn’t think this is Edge specific, more Ford specific. I thought the Edge shared a lot of parts with the Mondeo. Not sure if this stretches to brake parts, but someone here can confirm. 

I’m aware of issues with other brands having closed production lines temporarily due to unavailable parts from third party manufacturers. Perhaps Ford is in this situation. 

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