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Good evening I'm wondering if anyone has had the same issue with stop/start not working, my model doesn't have the eco button or the a button (not mechanically minded sorry) that I have seen on some others, is it automatically on due to the model, sorry if this has already been asked but its starting to drive me mad

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Hello Steven my friend 馃榾

Thank you for asking about Stop/Start and it not working. I was getting really worried since the question has not been asked in almost 7 days 馃え

OK, deep breath before I begin........ The system has many problems and needs many things to be "just right" before it will work. The single biggest problem is the state of charge of your battery.

Use a 'smart' battery charger and charge the battery for at least 12 hours but it is better if you can leave it on charge for longer. Charge the battery on the car and do not disconnect it.

Connect the positive of the battery charger to the positive battery terminal. Connect the negative of the charger to the main chassis/body earth point next to the battery. Do NOT connect the charger to the negative battery terminal.

After the battery has been on charge and you have disconnected the battery charger, it will be a good idea to reset the BMS (Battery Monitor System), watch the video below.

Once you have done all of that, and all goes well your Stop/Start system will begin working again. How long it lasts is anyones guess.

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