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Fiesta mk6 window winder

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Hi everyone, I hope someone out there can help. I’m looking for a door winder mech for my 2005 Fiesta studio. It’s a 3door drivers side and is a manual wind. (Not electric).

i’m hoping to avoid the cost of a new one directly from Ford. Thanks in anticipation.

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If you've got some time spare, the best thing to do is contact breakers yards (either locally or target ones with other Fiestas in on ebay) and ask if they have any 3dr's in with manual windows.  They weren't all that common as most had electric windows, and low spec cars tend to get crushed instead of parted, so it's hard to find used manual winding regs now unfortunately.

This is the cheapest Ford one I can see - Genuine Ford O/S RH Front Window Lift Regulator 1528040 | eBay

CarParts4Less offer this aftermarket one, but without a picture I can't be 100% sure it's correct.  Front Right Driver Side OS Window Regulator Manual Replacement - VM Part 9928040 | eBay

Also found this one, but am a bit suspicious of the website, so the risk is up to you there.  Genuine Ford Fiesta O/S RH Front Window Lift Regulator 1528040 (yverdy.com)

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