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Help! - Juddering (Fault Code)


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my sportka has been juddering occasional and sometime stalling when acceleration from a junction etc, I ran a diagnostic check and got the FC 283 which i think means - "P0283" Injector Circuit High - Cylinder #8

Is this correct if so can someone let me know if this is an easy / cheap fix or let me know what the list of diagnostic codes mean and which are relivent etc

When i run the diagnostic this is what i get



/- 106


dt 412


sc 0

t 74

tc 13

f 136 (flashes so could be 138)

FC 283

P 0

Cheers Pete

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dash codes will not tell the whole story you really need to get a proper scan done of the ecu. any local garage can do this for you,or even get your own reader.

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