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1.0 ecoboost down on power, no codes


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I bought a 2013  1.0 with a known blown head gasket. The car did drive but with a lot if steam from the exhaust. I fitted a new head. The car starts on the button, has good compression test readings (150psi) and all appears good.  However it is down on power. My vacuum pump appears good with good brakes and I can see the turbo actuator rod move back and forth if I remove and reconnect the pipe from the solenoid below the air pump. There is a popular failure point of the small valve on the air pump as you look at it and the orange diaphragm inside can brake up.  On mine it makes no difference if that orange diaphragm is present or not.

I have taken some live data on my scanner when under load and struggling for power:

MAP(inHg) 31.3

RPM (/min) 4560

FRP (psi) 2105.9

LOAD_PCT (%) 54.9

TP (%) 75.7

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong or other suggestions?

Thank you.

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Use FORScan and get the Ford specific DTC's

FRP seems low

The 1.0 Ecoboost can very rarely be saved after any major failure.

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Thank you for the FORScan suggestion. Code I am getting is P132B.

A vacuum gauge on the check valve (engine running) shows a solid stable vacuum.

A vacuum pump on the check valve shows it holding vacuum.

A vacuum pump on the waste gate actuator shows it holding vacuum.

Any suggestions on what to check next?

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Well, fixed.

I performed a smoke test - no leaks.

Trying to understand why I am getting no boost despite the everything giving, or holding vacuum, I bypassed the control solenoid and connected the wastegate direct to the vacuum pump.  The car was a lot more lively with a momentary glob of power before an overboost fault kicked in, as you would expect.

I fitted a replacement control solenoid and the car is now performing correctly.  All the ports on the old solenoid were open, and thus the vacuum to operate the wastegate was being lost through one of the ports connected to the inlet manifold.

Thank you everyone for your help.


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Update.  A bit of a correction on the bit where I said the car is now performing correctly.  The engine felt 'nervous' on acceleration and I could get a P132b error by going full throttle up a hill in second.  I took delivery of a 1.0l fiesta with a snapped cam belt.  I borrowed the solenoid valve from that I tried it in my original.  A vast improvement again with smooth power and no errors.  I purchased a second hand genuine Ford solenoid for the same money as the new non-brand solenoid (£30 ish). (Genuine new Ford are £100+) Again, the car has power and drives well.  Clearly the new solenoid is at fault.  Its a dodgy chinese no brand, which I am returning.

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Hi Winco, hope you don't mind me asking but you seem to know a lot about these engines. My daughter has just bought a 2013 1.0 ecoboost and is having issues. Loss of power, slight juddering when starting in the morning. Turn engine off and in and starts and runs ok. We have changed fuel pipe pressure sensor and it's had new plugs, oil but garage didn't change fuel filter in the service as he said it was inside the engine??? She is really stressing, any ideas? TIA 🙏

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Before you spend a lot of time trying to sort this engine out, has it had the wet timing belt changed in the last year ?

If the answer is no, then get rid of it now before it's too late.

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