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Mk7 Mountune Zetec S


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Im new to this forum but thought id join up as i recently found a couple of useful posts that helped me remove my headunit and install a sub and whatnot so i thought i may aswell sign up and show you guys my motor!

Its a 09 Zetec S with the street and city packs so it has bluetooth/voice control, folding mirrors, rear parking sensors. I also had the Mountune 140 kit fitted. I havent done that many mods, but i have fitted the side stripes to go with the mountune kit, fitted 8K HID's, painted the calipers yellow to match and recently installed a Vibe sub and amp to the standard head unit.

Dont really have any future plans other than getting the wheels done and i may also lower it but ill see how things go.

Heres this pics:

Let me know what you think!






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Mint car mate, seen it on ZSOC

Is the Mountune pack worth the money?

It does seem a lot to pay out for it, but i got the car for 12k and payed £1400 for the kit so thats like 13.5k and thats about average for a sporty car nowadays, and it does free up the engine quite alot and sounds immense! pops like a goodun aswell so i am pleased with it. I wouldnt recommend buying it if you change cars alot as you will just blatently lose your money but if you keep them its worth it.

Jelous :( i want the mountune upgrade...

Im jealous of your performance blue! :P

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Immense matey did you get hammered on insurance or you keep it on the hush hush I declare my stuff like just t be on the safe side lmao hence why I'm not sure weather to go for the 140 up-grade for me s1600. I'm with ford insure sooo pffft I dunno lol.

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What paint did u use for these calipers dude?? Been looking at others on several forums and yellow is definitely the best colour to go for

FYI this thread is 3 years old and the OP now drives a Vauxhall :p

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