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1L Ecoboost Turbo Failiure

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Hello all, was wondering if anyone could give advice as you read this story 

Back in July 2022, my mums 1L ecoboost focus suffered the issue where deposits of the broken pieces of the timing belt blocked either oil pump or oil sump which led to oil starvation leading to turbo to go faulty. Got that all sorted, for 3k. New timing belt etc, weird thing is back then the mechanic said it would need a new oil pump, but seems like they have just cleaned it out? Isn't this misleading. 


6 months later (now), the turbo has gone again, this time with more smoke coming from the exhaust and a burning smell. Sent it to one of the best independent mechanics called E&S motors, they diagnosed and said the turbo is gone, and said oil level was low so they topped it up with 5W - 20. 

We thought okay since the turbo is gone, will need to take it to ford for them to replace it under warranty as their parts always come with 1 years manufacturer warranty. Went there, they took the car for 6 days, didn't ring us or anything always my mum trying to contact them, always them saying we need to speak to the head of service whi happens to be in a meeting everytime. Finally they give us an update and say that the focus will need a new engine, it hasn't even covered 1000 miles since the new parts were fitted? 

Returned to E&S and asked them if it seemed like the engine is on its way to die or is already suffering heavily. They just said the engine is perfect, just that turbo. They did also mention to be careful with Ford as they will try everything to not pay for the parts under warranty and rather have money off you, which is what they are trying to do.

Tuesday 4pm, went round to Ford and don't think they expected us to be there in person tbh, they kept making excuses saying this head service bloke was in meetings, until my mum mentioned trading standards, VOSA and that she would take legal action. Guy came out, ams started saying "we didn't guarantee that your engine would work after the repairs"...when in July he said it would all be fixed. My mum also said that if the engine was to "die" months later she wouldn't have even payed 3 grand of repairs!! Common sense. 

Another funny thing, my mum said to them that the engine was making a horrible rattling noise (which it wasn't, she just wanted to test them as she found something unusual) and they said the flywheel is gone, like totally destroyed 😂. When my mum told this to this managed, he didn't have any words and just stood there shocked

 Of course my mum is fuming over this, and contacted trading standards + VOSA on what to do. They advised us to take the car from them if they won't do the work, get another independent assesor to diagnose and see wether Ford are lying. Just waiting for my mum to do this and then possibly take them to court for refitting faulty parts. 

Just wanted to know, could someone guide me on why a 1L ecoboost turbo could fail apart from oil starvation, if there is any oil starvation where could blockages be or anything, its all confusing that the turbo can suddenly go boom when it was functioning fine, the engine also is quiet 3 cylinder tick, just a noisy turbo.


Many thanks.


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When the turbo failed the first time due to oil starvation, your 1.0 Ecoboost engine was at that point already seriously damaged and was effectively scrap. Once the cambelt starts to disintegrate then the little bits go right through the engine blocking up oil ways and causing oil starvation to many critical parts.

As to why the second turbo failed so soon, it is most probably due to a tiny little oil filter deep inside the engine which supplies the oil feed to the turbo being blocked.

The fact of the matter is you now require a new engine and you will be extremely unlikely to get anyone to make any kind of financial contribution for the replacement.

A brand new Ford 1.0 Ecoboost engine can be bought from Puma Speed for around £1999. They also offer a supply and fit of a new engine for about £2999 but of course you will also require another new turbo.

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