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Brake Judder


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Hi all,3 months ago had front discs and pads replaced due to brake judder on stopping.

Now brake judder has returned again with a creaking sort if sound that can be heard when crawling,calipers not sticking as wheels are cold.Creaking noise starts after I have driven a couple of miles and used brakes a couple of times.Not creaking when I jack car up and turn wheels

Any ideas anybody

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Needs deeper investigation

I have experience of this problem, fitting new discs normally sorts out brake judder but if it comes back it can be caused by "poor assembly" - the face of the hubs must be spotless and rust free before fitting new discs.

Don't know why but fitting new discs can rectify the problem for a short time but it comes back - this can be because one/both hubs are bent/distorted. Focus hubs can be distorted very easily, just a slight tap on the kerb with a wheel, at even 2 mph, can distort a hub.

You need to get a "dial gauge" and check if either of the front discs are running out. If any are, then remove the disc and do the same test to the hub face.

assume you have not "thrashed" the new parts before "bedding" them in and you have used decent quality parts - genuine Ford discs and Motorcraft pads are excellent (or of course OEM pads if you want to spend more)


BrakeDisc Run Out.pdf

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