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Lightweight clutch and flywheel


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I have a 1 litre focus at like edition. I’m looking for small mods that are discreet in other words that won’t be visible for insurance and warranty. I wanna put a sport lightweight fly wheel and clutch but I don’t know which one help me out boys 

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11 hours ago, Saggi said:

sport lightweight fly wheel and clutch

Why, unless you need a new clutch anyway? It will make no noticeable difference to a road car.

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It'll also be very visible for warranty if you try to claim for any sort of clutch or transmission fault... :unsure:

I did fit a lightened flywheel to a mates road car several years back and it did make some difference, though I wouldn't say it was worth the cost!

Honestly, the best mod you can do to a modern EcoBoost is a remap.  Nothing else will come close in terms of bang for buck.  

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