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Mk6 Central Locking Issue

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My Mum has an issue with the central locking on her Fiesta Zetec Blue (2008, 5-door). When trying to lock the car (either using key in lock, or remotely) it tries to lock, and then immediately unlocks - so at the moment it is left unlocked all of the time. When driving along Mum will often get a ‘driver’s door open’ notification, with the interior light coming on as well, so the driver’s door definitely seems to be the issue! Has anyone ever experienced similar, and if so what was the fix?


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Usually the door latch module.  Some people have had luck just spraying a bit of WD40 around but the modules don't last forever.  Occasionally the wiring in the door breaks but that's not so common.

Not expensive used or difficult to change, just a bit time consuming as there's a lot of stuff to remove for access inside the door.

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