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2018 1.5 tdci engine rattle at low revs - any ideas?


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Hi all, recently acquired a 1.5 tdci Grand C-Max automatic on a 2018 plate.  Engine seems to run fine (47k miles) but there is an irregular feint rattle at idle revs when the engine is warm.  Can't really hear anything wrong outside of the car and most of the time with fan on and radio at a normal volume can't hear it inside unless you are trying to hear it.  However, it is quite obvious from inside the car with fan/radio off when revs fall as coming to a stop and at at idle (at around 750 rpm). Touch the accelerator and it goes (until revs fall again).  When at idle, sometimes it goes if switch from drive to neutral or to park or vice versa.  Sounds like something is loose and knocking against something or the engine is vibrating and knocking against something. Couple of garages have looked at it and can't find anything wrong (not taken the engine apart).  One said "no idea, bring it back when it gets worse".  Other allegedly inspected all external elements, belts etc. and did a battery reset/checked for any software updates.  Local Ford dealer wants loads of money to start taking the engine apart.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and what the cause/outcome was.  Appreciate any suggestions.

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