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Ford S max 2.2 tdci 200bhp will not accelerate past 1000rpm


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I have an S max 2013 2.2 PSA engine.

Have had the car 3 years with no major issues during that time - DPF was removed shortly after purchase,and changed a MAP sensor


Driving along at normal in town speed, and with no prior indication, the car lost all power, no dash warnings, noises etc.


Now the car starts up from cold, fires up perfectly first press of button, revs up like normal, and can be held at high revs for 30 seconds or so, or driven approx 400m.

Then it loses all power again, revs fall to 1k rpm and will not increase, it will sit and idle sounding perfect, but any attempt to accelerate it simply stutters and fluctuates around 1k rpm. It will happily sit idling for as long as I want, shows no sign of cutting out, but simply will not accelerate.


Once turned off, the car will NOT restart again, pressing the button everything lights up on dash as normal, but the starter doesn't try to engage, nothing.

Left for 40 minutes to an hour, the car will fire up perfectly, and then follow the same pattern as above.

No error codes coming up either to narrow the path

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