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Hi all jus been an bought a brand new ford fiesta zetec s 1.6 with everything parking sensors. Auto matic wind mirrors 17 inch alloys the lot lol

so thought it would be a good idea to join pick the car up the end of this week will get pics up carnt wait

Abit about me I have owned alot of hondas they are great cars jus fancied a change so got my beuty but don't no alo about them if anyone can let me now how good the car is or what it's bad at please let me now



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Welcome to FOC! I have the Zetec S as well, its a really good car the only thing that drives me potty are the rattles coming from the glovebox (even when empty) and some where from the rear. What colour have you gone for?

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Didn't think anyone was on ere for a min lol n blue mate duno wat the colour called but it sexy man love it n does all the zetec s do that with the glove box n what colour is yours bud

It can take quite a while for people to reply some times lol, is it the light blue? I'm not sure its probs just mine as some other people dont have the problem, as in my DP it is Sea Grey

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