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Hi all, my names Richard

and I have just become the proud owner of a 2003 mondeo tdci..HOWEVER..I have been informed that the turbo has gone.

I can see no lights on the dash,the car sounds fine,but there is no sound of turbo,there doesnt seem to be excessive smoke.could it be something else ??

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the car starts up and sounds as it should,the car is able to move around forwards and backwards without smoke or any kind of light or warning from the dash.

BUT the car is not making any turbo noise and the power is low.

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i put a code reader on and deleted the fault,as the tool i borrowed did not state what the codes were.

the turbo is working fine,but the car seems to have a missfire or the autobox is fighting changing up and down.is this a common thing with these if anyone has had this what is the cause and what is the CURE....I have purchased the atf and gasket sealant in anticipation of renewing the gearbox oil and clear the gauze tray.

Thanks Richard.

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