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Iphone Connection

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Please help, my phone was working great, had a frozen problem ages ago but

since doing the disconnecting of the battery and connecting has been great,

My husband used the car and connected his Nokia the other night, since then I can not use my phone on the blue tooth, it does not pick it up when searching, my iPhone says that the blue tooth (car) is not in range?? but I cant turn the blue tooth off in the car, as it keeps coming back on!

I have switched my phone off and back on, then repeated the select phone, but it justs keeps searching, then goes back to the radio.

You guys on here are a great help to a girl who has many blonde moments!!

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have you tried unparring all phones from the system and then pair your phone again

Thanks, There is nothing to unpair, I have deleted all devices from my phone so wil see how that gets on!

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