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Wheel Upgrade


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I have the 17" snowflakes (same as zetec s) on my Titanium but sometimes look at them thinking they still look a bit small for the car, when relatively 17" is big for a small car.

I understand that the zetec s is lowered 10mm which makes the wheels look bigger, but my titanium sits on standard un lowered suspension.

Is it possible to put 18" wheels on the fiesta?

I understand that usually the offset usually goes from 7 to 7.5 when going up to 18" wheels but if anyone has done this or has some pictures would be nice to see.

Also if anyone has sprayed there wheels black, would also be nice to see.

Thanks guys. ;)

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You can put 18's on. I thought it over for a while and decided in the end 18's are too big for this car and went 17's. Google H&R Ford Fiesta to see a Fiesta with 18's. Their Fiesta looks great with the 18's, but some angles, it really looks too big.

I painted mine black, because that is what I like. Some people don't like it. And that is fine unless they don't understand the world does not revolve around their opinion.


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thanks alot for the replys, i take into consideration what youve said, its about getting the right balance i suppose without spoiling the overall appearance.

As for that H&R fiesta, wow, what a beast! Those are the type of wheels ide go for aswell, exactly like the Focus RS wheels.

And as for your black wheels, they look great mate, really do like the black wheels.

I think i got the idea from the "corsa limited edition" which is white with a black roof and 17" black gloss wheels, looks the part like.

Thanks for the tips anyway !


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