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Mondeo Mk4 1.8Tdci Performance

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I expected my new 1.8tdci Mondeo to be a bit down on power compared with my old 2.0tdci MK3, but at low revs it seems really flat. Turning a corner in second gear gives me a problem because there is just a huge flat spot until I hit about 1700rpm, when the car then bursts into life.

Any suggestions? I'm still running the car in, so taking things steady, and the car in general is great except for the above and the miserably bad 35mpg fuel consumption.............

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Update to above posting - 30th September 2011.

The car now has 3500 miles on the clock. Fuel consumption has improved from a miserable 35mpg to a better figure of 40mpg (average), but still nowhere near the 46mpg of my old 2.0TDCi MK3. :(

Flat spot hasn't improved. Car will be booked into Ford to sort out. :(

Engine revs increase on their own when changing from 1st to 2nd gear. Sometimes up to 4000rpm. Embarrassing in town driving! It doesn't happen in any other gear. A friend with a 2.0TDCi S Max has a similar problem. :(

Reversing sensors now playing up. Erratic beeping when reversing when nothing anywhere near. Sensor still works when parking though, so suspect one of the sensors dodgy. :(

I prefer the dashboard display to show average mpg. This keeps changing back to instant mpg for no reason, and is annoying. (it was ok until about 1500 miles ago). :(

Occasionally, ABS failure light illuminates. Goes off if the engine is restarted. :(

A list of faults which I hope to have sorted soon. I haven't had it looked at yet because of other committments (don't want to lose the car because my son is off to Uni).

Any comments on the above? It would be good to be able to answer back to the likely 'no one else has complained' etc.....

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Hi Bill

The 1.8 tdci do suffer from tubro lag big time , I have the same engine in a mk4 , mines got 30k(so well run in) and once the turbo kicks in about the 1,700rpm(ish) mk, it pulls nicely and strongly through all gears . Maybe it might just be some running in issues , i also find that not putting supermarket diesel makes a big difference to the car running and mpg.....

On the issue of mpg , i'm not sure the convers unit gives a accerate mpg reading as it will tell me i have 120miles left...I drive 20 miles somewhere .Park up and when i get back into it , the display will say something random like 115miles left..

crazy or what;-)

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