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Would you let your partner choose your next motor?


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Would you let your partner choose your next car for you? Does your partner have an influence on your next buy?
Apparently according to figures, 60 percent of partners have an influence on next car purchases in the family :)

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No, no and no :D. I would always choose my own car, my girlfriend told me I should have kept my MK2 Punto before buying the Fiesta :blink:.

"But the Punto was really nice to drive, and I have memories of her".. She was the one who called it Polly, lol :D.

I hope she doesn't see this :P.

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Not a Chance, bought my missus her own car before i ever bought myself one,

Glad i did as she rides the clutch and has had two accidents in it, both her own fault :lol:

she makes comments on things i do to my car somtimes listen to that but when it comes to buying,

Its my car my choice, in some cases a car is better than a women, for example,

any money you invest in the fuel tank you can see value for it,

Responds to your boot and never says no,

will always let you take the dirt track,

Can attract more women rather than deter them,

Probably gets dirty more times than your missus

Doesn’t give out if you decide to modify the appearance of the body.

The list goes on....:P

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no way on earth would I let the missus choose the next car, I am not going to let her choose something silly like a smart car... I would divorce her before allowing her to choose outright the car - she had *some* input on the Kia, but she actually told me "your the one who has to drive it - you choose" - I am shocked she didnt try to sway me on anything!!

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