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Damaged Alloy After Tyre Fitting (Advice)


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OK so took my ZS for new front tyres, now I know its easy to look back and say but I wish i had made the fitter check me wheels before hand incase this happened to prove it but I know myself my alloys were 100% unmarked before today.

Below are 3 images, image 2 and 3 are of the same damage. Tyre 1 is one alloy tyre 2 and 3 images are of the other alloy.

I have no experience of changing tyres so any advice? I guess if I go back to complain they will just say you cant prove it was us and I will hit a brick wall?

Is damage like this quite common especially with soft alloys?

Thanks for any advice / info

tyre 1

tyre 2

tyre 3

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Not sure how much luck you'll have going back after a day or so, but the first two pics show damage that really could only come from tyre fitting and if you have proof of purchase for the tyres they might accept responsibility.

Was it a small local place of a big chain?

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A good tyre fitter should be able to fit tryes without damaging the rims.

I have just had new tyres put onto my rims today.

No damage, I was there in the fitting bay when it was done and must say that low profile tyres are difficult to fit because there is no well on the rim and the tyres are stiff and inflexible.

Tyres 2 and 3 looks like the rim spreader that feeds the tyre onto the rim has touched the rim marking it, and tyre 1 looks like the clamp that is used to initially locate the tyre on the rim may well have marked the rim.

But as you say, how do you prove it was not there before the fitting.

It is not typically kerbing, its in the wrong place for that.

Does the tyre shop belong to a national chain and/or they a member of any recognised trade association.

Other than complaining and seeing if they admit liability its a case of buyer beware and take note in the future.

Get advice from trading standards and depending on what they say threaten legal action through the small claims court.

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Tyre 2 and tyre 3 what looks like the clamp which gets the tyre of the rim has slighty caught the alloy asumeing when the tyre machine is going round takeing the tyre of the rim.

I've used these machines in college and if the tyre is not staraight on the base or not locked in correctly it can mark the outer edge of the alloy.

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