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Questions On Osram Cool Blue Intense H7


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Hi all!

Any have your fiesta fitted with the osram bulbs? Pictures too maybe? Been searching on internet, by far this is the best bulbs I can find that looks close to HIDs. Was thinking of HIDs, but the osram is defo cheaper and road legal.

How about philips blue vision, any thoughts prob?

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Bluevision are always good too mate yeah.

Either or will do mate.

However, I'd still say get HIDs. ;)

Not so sure with HIDs, they cost £££££, at least for me, lol.

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I had a set of Phillips blue visions, and the beam didn't look too different, slightly whiter and the cut off seemed more noticeable, but I'd say the sidelights made more of an aesthetic difference. Mine blew after 6 and 8 months, and I've just lost 1 of my sidelights after a year. this is probably down to the cars fuses and not the bulbs themselves though.

Blue halogens do improve the aesthetics, though they'll never look or perform as HIDs do, if this is all you want, save yourself a fortune and the hassle and grab a set, I've heard good reviews of a Halfords blue halogen bulb too.

HIDs are a fair bit more expensive, illegal, (can be) unsafe, and now MOT fails. If this doesn't deter you I'd recommend you stick to 35w for dipped beams, and keep them dipped right down. Stick to the "safer" shades of white too.

4300k - most lumens per watt for HIDs (warm white, not as yellow as standard halogens)

5000k - cold white, good compromise of performance and style.

6000k - cold white with blue tint. (the blue tint is what makes HIDs appear brighter than they are, 6000k is only a slight tint, don't go higher, you'll only dazzle everyone!)

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I'm waiting delivery on my Fiesta but I'm considering Phillips Diamond White bulbs (heard very good things about them on other forums). Another 1K rating over the Blue Vision so will give a white light and at this price seem good value too. .


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It's just dawned on me these are 60/55watt rating (i.e not just 55watt which I think they should be on the fiesta). Will these be OK does anyone know? Thanks for your help guys

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