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Mk 6 Zetec Issues


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I have a few issues/queries with relation to my MK6 Zetec which I'm hoping some of you might be able to answer;

  • Fuel Economy - The fuel economy on it has dropped off over the last few weeks. When I had the car about 4 months ago, I'd get around 36mpg from it, I'm now lucky if I get 31mpg. I drive it no differently to before
  • Idle - The idle is really rough on it, so much so, it causes the car to shake quite badly.
  • Driver Seat Handle - It apeears I have the same problem as others when the handle on the drivers seat has broken and no longer allows me to fold the seat forward. I'm sure I saw a guide on the internet a while ago about how to sort it but can never find it now

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions then let me know!


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Hello Sean.

Fuel economy is based on lot of factors which include :-

1. Outside Temperature

2. Fuel Being Used

3. Traffic (Stop Start is the worse traffic)

4. Tyre Pressures

5. When was the last time the air filter was changed (Paper Air Filter)

6. Health of the engine. (How many miles has it done) and How Often is it serviced) Spark plugs could be fouled or worn)

The Drivers seat Tilt handle is a common fault. Its Not Just the Handle its what has broken the handle (The Cable that runs down the seat could be snagging or stuck fast. which has snapped the cable holder on handle)

The Rough Idle could be attributed the above ie Spark plug age/health. Air Filter Life (How old is it how many miles has it covered)

When Choosing an oil for the car buy the best that you can afford as it has been proven that high quality oil will help to extend the life of the engine etc (Mobil FS 5-30 Synthetic is a great one) Castrol Magnatec for Fords 5-30)

If it has been filled with 10-30 or 10-40 this will help to cause rough running and premature wear of the valve assembly

Hope this helps


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