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Juddering And Loss Of Power?

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Hi all,need a little advice as i dont have a clue lol.Within the last week my car has been playing up,its a 1997 ford ka.When i first start the engine the car is vibrating lots and i can hear slight revving.When driving its constantly juddering whatever speed im doing,its worse when i accelerate like the cars really trying to go faster but is struggling,had a slight wiff of burning the other day but not smelt that since,also think i might have suspension problems on front left side as theres been quite a lot of creaking and squeaking,not sure if these problems are related or not.really wary of taking it to the garage incase i get ripped off,any ideas whats going on?,money is a big issue for me at the minute and i cant afford to buy another car,just hope its nothing to serious and expensive.

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Sounds like its misfireing. When was it last serviced?

I would start by replacing the plugs and leads. If they have not been changed for a while I would change the fuel filter and air filter as well. If that lot doesnt sort it, you may need to change the coil pack as well.

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if the service you give it dont work then perhaps change the ht leads.

the suspension seems to be worn from your description

buypartsby.com is a good place to look for parts

sounds like you may need

drop link

anti roll bar bushes

lower suspension arm (wishbone)

that's what i would change & i usually do both sides if the car is that old and

whilst at it change the brake disk's & pads as it's all got to come off so 2 birds with one stone

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Just an update to say all sparkplugs have been changed and this has sorted the juddering problem out.I checked back on a earlier mot and the wishbone was on an advisory,so would you say this is what is causing the creaking?

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