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Hi all!

I have purchased a fiesta(MK4.5), '99, V reg (used obviously) with 87,000 mileage. I have had it for about a month now. I love the car as it my 1st car!

I am starting to have some problems (well ONE BIG problem) where the engine cuts out when ever it feels like it,not only when the car is stationary, but EVEN WHEN I AM DRIVING on the road at 30mph!!!

of course, I was not expecting the car to be perfect when I purchased it, as it is '99 model and the price I had paid for it, but i certainly do not expect a car to cut out when ever it wants to.

I have spoken to a friend who is a mechanic, and first he said it was to do with my clutch control, hence the stalling. This can not be the case as you do not need clutch control when you are driving at 30mph! he then had a look at it, and he said the car needs a full service and a tidy up, and so I left it with him for a week, he did full service and replaced the timing belt, brakes/brake pads etc, basically the full whack!

It can get quite scary at times as today I was driving home from work and surprise surprise the engine cuts out while I was driving up a hill and at a turn in the road!

of cause the steering becomes heavy when the car is not running! thank god there was no car behind me or else I may not be here right now typing this!

I have no idea when it comes to car repairs.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

would be nice to hear from you guys!

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Hello Zahir,

How do you get the car to start again after its died ?

Diagnosing an intermittent problem is tough, have you noticed any particular symptoms before it dies.

I suspect its going to be caused by fuel starvation, probably the fuel pump on its way out.

For an intermittent problem, talk to your friend or a garage and come up with a plan of action.

Good luck.

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To start the car again, I just have to turn the key in the ignition again and its off and running.

When I am driving, there are no warnings before it cuts out, no jerks... BUT saying that, if the car is in neutral, ie waiting at the traffic lights or idling, then the dashboard lights turn on (like when somebody stalls a car)... I can stop the engine cutting out IF I get my foot on the accelerator before it cuts out!

Hope that gives you a better insight to the problem.


thanks alot for this, il see what my friend can do, if not then il have to take it some place else

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still no luck with this at all, spoken to friend and other mechanics (for 2nd opinions) all saying it can not be fuel starvation.

I have recently noticed that it seems to cut out when I have taken my foot off the accelerator...this usually happens when i'm braking/turning a corner!

any ideas?...

I love the car, but at times it can feel like a death trap!!!!

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