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Any Good Ghost Stories?

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Since Stoney's photo challenge proved eventful may as well start this thread!

I have to think about one so I'll let someone else start!

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Ok, another one.

My sister and her first husband lived in an old 4 floor house and he was a bike enthusiast in to rebuilding his own from parts.

He had all the engine parts stored in trays in the top front bedroom ready to start assembly when he had time.

One morning he went into the room and all the parts were laid out on the floor in the exact order needed to rebuild the engine.

It was rumoured that the previous resident was a member of the local biker gang that had died of a heart attack in the house a few years before.

My old best mate and I had also on occasion stayed in the other bedroom on that floor.

In the room was a cupboard fitted into an alcove which was about 18 inches deep and was empty apart from an old style mirror hanging on a hook inside (the big bevelled edge type with a chain like people used to hang over a mantelpiece).

The cupboard door was secured with a metal twist toggle and was stiff with paint and hard to turn.

One morning my mate and i woke up to find the quilts on our beds were neatly rolled up at the end of our beds, the cupboard was open and the mirror turned around to face the back of the cupboard bearing in mind the only way to turn the mirror would be to unhook it, rotate it 90 degrees due to it's width, turn it and then put it back in again.

We heard no noise, saw nobody enter the room and being only 15 at the time we were both freaked out.

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........ Scary stuff!!

We are rumoured to have a few at work, being a theatre and all...

Got a few stories... I'll post them up one I have a bit more time lol!!

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Dunno if this is a ghost story lol but I once went out of the kitchen ,got in the hall way and forgot summot so turned around went back in the kitchen and about five draws were open. And then the ironing board fell onto me when i was shuting the draws :o i think a bit of wee came out creepy stuff haha

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