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2006 Tdci Windscreen


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Hi hope someone can help me out here please.

Pretty sure that my new second-hand car that i have recently purchased as had a replacement windscreen.

Reason for me thinking this is because i cant see any of the visible lines running through the windscreen for heated screen and rain sensor, which i could see on previous mondeo’s

The questions i want to ask are.

How can i clarify it is a replacement screen.

How can i test the heated screen and rain sensor

and if i was to replace with an original screen where would i find the part number.

Thank you

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If you have rain sensors you will see it quite clearly from the outside and have a pod extending down from behind your rear view mirror.

If you have a heated windscreen try turning on the front heater and leave for a while, it will either be warm to the touch or you could pour cold water on it and watch for steam.

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