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Not Happy With My New Car


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Hi hoping some one might be able to help me out here.

Few weeks ago my glow plug light came on so i had a diagnostic test done and it came up with a problem regarding the actuator faulty so i took the car back to the place i had recently purchased it from.

The garage was very reluctant to believe me even with the diagnostic report and kept the car for over a week.

They final agreed the actuator was faulty and fitted a recondition one.

Every thing was fine and the car drove great until two days ago when the engine management light came on.

Not really knowing what to do so i decided to have a look at the engine.

I couldn’t find any evidence to say that the actuator had been removed, because it was still covered in the same dirt and grime as the rest of the engine.

What was noticeable was a very funny shaped gasket protruding from the EGR , it even looked out of place.

Without taking the EGR part iv’e started to think that they haven’t replaced the actuator but just blank of the EGR.

Is this possible by just blanking of the EGR it will prevent the coil light from coming on and the car going in to limp mode and minimising the amount black smoke which was noticeable on acceleration.

Thanks for looking

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putting on a blanking plate would reduce the smoke but if your car is euro 4 and the egr valve is electronic the eml light would come on due to lack of egr air flow, you can not just change the electronic actuator on the mondeo because it is coded to the turbo and usually requires replacement of the turbo and actuator which could be why they have not done it. get the codes read and see if the light is on for egr or turbo fault codes.

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Thanks for the replies, very interesting.

Going to have codes read tonight, not really looking forward to it but it's got to be done.

Will keep you informed.

Thanks again

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