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Mondeo Remote Key

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I have a ford mondeo 2008 TDCI tianium x estate

when i bought the car it had only 1 remote, i hav seen a second hand one on ebay and the numbers inside the remote mathch mine.

could i program this to my car or would i need to go to ford and how much will they charge.

Thanks Nimbo

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I would recommend calling a few auto locksmiths for advice.

One I call on regularly reckons that pre used keys can have problems with the transponder chip.

I would assume it's a laser key (flat blade) and probably a flip key?

The key will need cutting, programming to the central locking and the transponder programming to the immobiliser via the data port (OBD).

Ford charge over £120 plus usually push their luck by saying they won't do self acquired keys and also insisting on a diagnostic too.

This will all push up the price of something that takes 20 minutes to do. (Ford will probably quote about two hours labour).

I strongly recommend auto locksmiths, and for God's sake avoid Timpsons as they are officially crap and will not guarantee keys you bring in to them and often will refuse to cut them quoting company policy.

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