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Manual To Electric Windows


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Hi all, I have a pre face lift fiesta mk6 studio, and want to convert the manual windows to electric, I bought an inner door card with regulator, motor and loom etc for the passenger side (couldn't get a drivers side as none were available) so I have just been out and stripped door down and fitted the electric door card, but can't get it to work.... The speaker is working and the window switch does illuminate.

I have checked and there is a fuse fitted in the fusebox, I checked that the motor functions(with a battery) all ok there too, I tested to see if there is power from the switch to the motor.... There isn't :-(

Can anyone can advise me in how I get it working?

Could it possibly be because I need to have the drivers side wired up to complete the circuit?

Any help or advise would be greatly received.


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You make no mention of fitting a relay so I'd check that out

Thanks... There are plenty posts all over the net all saying the same.... Buy electric door card insert a fuse in the fuse box and the rest is all plug n play..... No one has mentioned a relay.... Would you have any idea where it should be in a fiesta mk6?


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Exactly how i was when i fitted mine 2 weeks ago, was just putting windows up and down such a nice feature to add especially just before summer haaha

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He'll bunny..... I'm sure it is possible as the titanium has rear electrics, although once they are fitted you will probably have to go to ford to have them activated..... I need to do some more research for the mk7

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