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Focus St-2


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I went down the local Ford dealer today with my mum and brother as his options are due to end soon so he was doing some paper work for a new Fiesta and they had a Focus St-2 in the showroom and all I can say is wow!

I went and had a sit in there whilst they were doing the boring paperwork and the cabin is such a nice place to be!!

The seats are probably the comfiest I've ever sat in and is genuinely luxurious! I love the look of the glossy black dash and the screen behind the steering wheel etc

I really want one now that's the only trouble.......

Im going to wait another year and a half until I'm 25 and look into one as I wouldn't even want to know what the insurance would be like

Are there any new Focus ST owners on this forum?


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I'd have to have a look at prices, but I'd be "happy" to pay as much as £1300. Don't quite know how realistic that will turn out to be - Im going to have a look actually :P

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I went to have a look at an ST2 a few weeks back, got to say in spirit blue it looks AMAZING. They were willing to let me test drive (19yrs old) if I was defo serious about getting one :P

Insurance quote of £2300 baring in mind that my current 1.6 Zetec s is costing me £2500!!

I've found Money supermarket is best for cheap quotes but may differ.

On ford options plan, if I traded in my car as deposit (9000) then it would be about £250 a month for 2 years then you can get a new car and carry on the finance. Like upgrading your phone.

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