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Ford Focus Estate 1.6Tdci Lx


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Ary they any good ? I am thinking of buying one on an 07 plate 45.000 miles on the clock.I am a courier and only need an estate car now delivering Aircraft parts all over Europe. when do they need the cambelt change ? or are they chain ?. I just need a good reilable car so is this one going to serve me well.

Thanks in advance.

p.s I know nothing about cars lol

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The 1.6tdci is a nice engine. I have it in a hatch, with 68,000 on the clock. It does have the dreaded dpf, which needs changing at 10yrs or so, I'm not entirely sure. Its fairly economical, and I get 50mpg on average, including a combination of 10-mile motorway trips, 10-mile a-road trips when the m25 is busy and quite a few short, 1-2 mile town driving trips. Short journeys kill the mpg, as on the m'way etc I'll be getting 60+ mpg, albeit with fairly economical driving. I only got mine in June, so can't really comment on reliability.

Only suggestion would be to upgrade spec level - I assume you will spend a lot of time in your car as a courier, so you may want to consider more gadgets. I looked in a LX and am so glad I went for the Ghia - air con, automatic wipers/headlights etc... I found the LX to be quite basic.

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