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Mk6 Instrument Cluster Problems


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Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can help me :)

Since I bought the fiesta about 2/3 weeks ago, there has been a weird 'static/crackling' noise coming from the instrument cluster when the engine is started, along with this noise, all the lcd screens on the cluster fade out, after a few seconds, the screens come back on, the dials spring to life and the noise stops, the cluster then continues to work until the car is switched off

We have started to troubleshoot this as obviously its a little worrying, so firstly we plugged a diagnostic machine into the socket, it came back with a few fault codes which are a bit puzzling:

1.CAN communication bus fault

2.Fuel level sensor circuit

3.Vehicle speed sensor circuit

4.Lost communication with instrument panel for 5 seconds or less

5.Battery voltage too high for a short period of time

Obviously I cant remember the exact fault codes but those were the faults that appeared on screen

The ECU reckons that the fuel level is about 70%, but the cluster is only showing about 40% left

Nobody seems to be able to come up with any knowledge of this problem and I would be grateful if anyone on this forum can help me with this, is it the cluster? Or is it a faulty electronic module? Bad relay?

Thanks in advance


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My Mk6.5 had an issue similar this, had loads of fault codes stored that didn't actually exist & car would sometimes refuse to start saying it was overheating (when it was -4 outside). Turned out to be a short in the cluster & had to have a new one fitted.

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